KleanMusik advises in copyright matters and gives practical guidance in case of royalty disputes

KleanMusik helps authors who are or may become involved in a conflict with their publisher and/or copyright collecting society, like Buma Stemra.

Authors are, in general, creative spirits, who do not care much for the commercial side of their profession. They hire people to take care of this for them. Often this goes well. Yet history shows that sometimes money disappears, and ends up in the wrong pockets. When this is discovered by the author, it is often too late and the damage has been done. It is then complicated to get the money back without going to court. KleanMusik helps authors in these kinds of situations. Our team of independent specialists is available to take a look at your case. We can advise you in an early stage, or when the damage has already been done, and help you to get your money back. We work on a no-cure-no-pay basis and always in consultation with you as copyright owner.

In addition to supporting the author, it is our mission to make the music business more honest and transparent. We have noticed that the interests of the relevant organisations and the authors are not always the same, while it would be impossible for these organisations to do business without the authors. We have formulated 10 points of action intended to contribute to a fairer and more transparent music industry, all in the interest of music in general.