Who are we

Who are we

The initiators of KleanMusik, Melchior Rietveldt (author) and Rob Storm (financial advisor), know the music industry like no other. They are both businessmen with a strong sense of justice. As from 2006, they have fought against Buma Stemra. Rietveldt had composed a piece of music for an anti-piracy movie that was used on dvd’s. Since Buma Stemra did not provide Rietveldt and Storm with a correct list of the use of the music, and offered Rietveldt only an amount of 9,000 , Rietveldt and Storm decided to start their own investigation. They found out that this particular piece of music had been used on millions of dvd’s in Europe. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Buma Stemra did not want to prosecute the offenders and thus did not want to pay. They defended themselves by saying: “We just do not know how often the piece of music has been used and the publisher only wants to pay 9,000 . After several lawsuits against Buma Stemra, the court referred Rietveldt and Storm to the distributor and the manufacturer. Buma Stemra had to honour the decision of the court and they organised a meeting between the infringers and the author. This was a strange situation, since Buma Stemra is the collecting agency for authors, and there was enough proof to collect the amount due.


This says a lot about the collecting society. Finally, Rietveldt and Storm managed to collect sufficient proof for their case themselves, which proof helped them to win the case and to receive the money that was due. In addition, they were supported by an independent team of advisors, business people, lawyers and other authors. The team now knows the industry like no other and Rietveldt and Storm have become specialists in copyright issues. Because of the conflict Rietveldt had with Buma Stemra, they now have a thorough knowledge of how to deal with copyright societies and publishers who do not do what they should be doing. Now, Rietveldt and Storm, together with the rest of the team, are available to help other authors who experience the same problems as they did. Most authors do not have the resources (knowhow, money and time) to solve these problems on their own. In the 7- year process, Rietveldt and Storm have talked to a lot of experts. Many of them, amongst which are well-known copyright lawyers, did not think they had a chance at all. However, with the right team, thorough research, money and perseverance, a great result is possible. The current team of specialists is ready to support you too, if you feel that you are up against the same brick wall.

Members of the team include:

Igor Bąkowski, Advocaat / Lawyer

Chantal Bon, Jurist / Legal Expert

Maarten Brons, Communicatie / Communications

Sandra Frommelt, Advocaat / Lawyer

Jens Maliepaard, Advocaat / Lawyer

Patrick Nobel, Advocaat / Lawyer

Melchior Rietveldt, Auteur / Componist / Composer

Rob Storm, Financieel Adviseur / Financial Adviser

Fred van der Woude, Accountant / Accountant

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